CACI facial treatment

Your CACI facial treatment: An expert guide

When it comes to face lifting options, that don’t involve surgery, not many can compare with the CACI facial. But what will happen during your treatment? And what can you expect? Here at Be Beautiful in Preston, we are CACI experts and have been professionally trained. As a result, we have produced this guide to your CACI facial treatment.

What should you expect?

When you arrive for your treatment, we will provide you with a refreshing drink while we talk you through the procedure. We will provide a consultation form that we will ask you to fill in while we go through to the treatment room. Once the paperwork is out of the way, we will ask you to make yourself comfortable on the bed.

When you are ready, the treatment will begin. We will first start with a micro-dermabrasion treatment, to get rid of any dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. This will make it easier for your skin to be rejuvenated and stimulated by the CACI treatment.

caci face lifting

Once the micro-dermabrasion is complete, we will use the hand-held wands and begin the CACI facial. CACI stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument and these two handheld wands will be connected up to the small computer system. This helps us control your facial, changing settings, so we can be sure that you will see results.

These two handheld wands will use microcurrents and electric wave-forms to stimulate your facial muscles and tighten and tone those muscles. This can smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, and leave your skin looking fuller and more radiant.

How many treatments will be necessary?

The CACI facial treatment can offer amazing results from the very first treatment. However, a course of 10 treatments is the optimal treatment number, and will lead to longer lasting results.

In summary

When you come in for your CACI facial treatment, you will be made to feel comfortable and welcome by one of our trained professionals. We will talk you through the process before we begin, and by the time we have finished, your skin will be rejuvenated and younger looking. Why not contact us today, to book in for your very own CACI facial treatment?