Be Beautiful are offering Hybrid, Hollywood and Russian lash extensions


Hollywood lashes are considered to be the more natural option compared to Russian lashes, Hollywood lashes typically have one lash extension per lash whereas Russian lashes have a handmade fan made up of 4-5 lash extensions attached to each individual lash.

If you are after a more fluttery natural look we would recommend a set of Hollywood lashes. If you are after high impact, are a frequent strip lash wearer or just love added drama a set of Russian lashes would be best for you. If you want a mixture of both Hybrid lashes are the perfect in between!

At every appointment, we do a thorough consultation to make sure we do the perfect lash set for your eye shape and personal style. We will advise you on how regularly you should come in for a lash infill as it changes based on the individual. We only use the highest quality grade glue and cruelty-free lash extensions.
        Full set Hybrid lashes starting from £65
     Full set Hollywood lashes starting from £50
      Full set Russian lashes starting from £65



Hollywood lash infills are priced on time spent, starting from 30 minutes for £20, 45 minutes for £30 and 60 minutes for £35
Russian lash infills are priced on time spent, starting from 30 minutes for £25, 45 minutes for £35 and 60 minutes for £35


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We also offer a range of eyelash and eyebrow treatments

LVL Lashes
Eye lash tinting
Eye brow tinting
Weekend lashes
HOLLYWOOD semi-permanent lashes (lasts 2-3 months – takes 11/2 hours)
Hollywood Brows Inc. threading, waxing, tweezering, tinting & more
Lash infills semi permanent lash maintenance (lasts 2-3 months)
Strip lashes
HD Brows (Patch test required)
Full set of luxury Russian Lashes
Russian Lashes Maintenance


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