A fat reducing procedure that actually works!

Freezing away your fat sounds almost too good to be true. But trust us, it isn’t! This is a fat reducing procedure that actually works. Here at Be Beautiful in Preston, we are fat freezing experts, and this is our guide to Fat Freeze Ice Lipo.

Is this a weight loss method?

Fat Freeze Ice Lipo is NOT a weight loss method. However, it will shrink localized areas of fat. For example, the inner thigh and the underarm are popular choices for many. Although your problem areas will shrink, the amount of fat that disappears will not amount to much on the scales. Consequently, this procedure is not a way to lose weight quickly.

How does it work?

Believe it or not, fat actually is more temperature sensitive than your skin. This means that freezing your fat cells is perfectly achievable. Once they are frozen, the fat cells have been through the cell death process, while your skin and muscle remain untouched. The dead cells are then simply broken down by your body over a particular time period, and your areas of fat will be reduced. As a result, you can easily drop a dress size by freezing problem areas of fat.

Is it invasive?

The Fat Freeze Ice Lipo is not invasive in any way. Using external cooling panels applied to the area, the fat is frozen from the outside. As a result, there is no recovery necessary. Your skin may feel bruised in that area, but this will quickly disappear within a few days.

Is it clinically proven?

Freezing fat is a clinically proven way to reduce areas of fat and kill fat cells. Although the fat cells do die and are removed from the body, they may return if the person doesn’t alter their eating and exercising habits. Consequently, fat freezing alone is not a permanent solution to tackling fatty areas.

In summary

Fat freeze Ice Lipo is the perfect way to trim down before a holiday or wedding. Tackle those bulges and problem areas by freezing your fat away. Contact us at Be Beautiful today to arrange an appointment.