Lumenis Hair Removal

With so many people opting for a permanent reduction in hair growth across their body, laser hair removal is becoming the must have treatment. So what can we offer? And why is laser hair removal so popular?

The hairy problem

Growing almost everywhere on our bodies, managing human hair can be time consuming and irritating. When the hair is very fine, it is almost invisible, but it can also be very coarse and dark.

Personal preference and social norms play a huge role when it comes to opting for hair removal. But, throughout the world, men and women do take hair removal seriously, and it is a big part of the beauty routine.

However, some hair can be difficult to manage in even the strictest routine, and this is known as unwanted hair.

Unwanted hair

Hormones regulate our hair follicles, determining the growth, thickness and colour of the hair that will grow. On the backs of our hands for instance, it is common for womens hair to be fine and almost invisible, while men sometimes grow thicker hairs.

While men tend to have much higher levels of the “hair” hormone, making their hair generally darker and thicker all over, women can also experience areas where this hormone has produced unwanted hair.

As a result, both men and women are looking for a more reliable and helpful option for unwanted hair removal. This is why Lumenis laser hair removal treatment is such great treatment.

Lumenis Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatment can help to permanently reduce the growth of hair in a range of popular problem areas, by as much as 80%. A reduction in hair growth in the problem area can transform the appearance and help boost confidence.

In summary

Lumenis laser hair removal is fantastic for permanently reducing the growth of hair in problem areas. Used by both men and women to treat unwanted hair, laser hair removal can have a dramatic, transformative impact on confidence and self esteem. Contact us today to find out more.