What Is Lumenis laser hair removal?

We know how important it is to deal with unwanted hair.  From shaving to waxing, unwanted hair is a big part of regular hygiene and beauty routines around the world. And it’s also equally important to both men and women. So how can you reduce the visual effect of your unwanted hair? Well, we feel that laser hair removal is the best option. Here is our guide to Lumenis laser hair removal.

Traditional hair removal methods

Plucking straggling hairs, shaving entire areas, waxing, and hair removal creams are some of the most popular methods of removing hair on a day to day basis. However, it is safe to say that non of these methods are without their disadvantages:

Shaving can leave ugly rashes and cut skin, while also being time consuming

Waxing and plucking are both painful and can be an expensive regular treatment

Hair removal creams can play havoc with sensitive skin

However, Lumenis laser hair removal can prevent this hassle.

Lumenis laser hair removal

This is a permanent hair reduction solution that can reduce the appearance and the growth of hair in a range of problem areas. This is clinically proven to be effective, and is a comfortable method of hair removal.

How does it work?

Using two hand pieces, our Lumenis laser hair removal system can treat both large and small areas with an amazing level of accuracy and precision.

For further comfort and care, we use a chill tip to treat smaller areas with delicacy and accuracy.

In summary

Unwanted hair causes major hassle for both men and women across the age brackets. While shaving and waxing are common solutions, they can be painful and irritating for your skin. Lumenis laser hair removal offers a fantastic alternative with a permanent reduction to hair growth. If you would like to find out more about Lumenis laser hair removal, why not contact the professionals at Be Beautiful in Preston today?