Why have a colonic?

There are many reasons that people choose to have colon hydrotherapy, and there are many benefits to this treatment. Here at Be Beautiful in Preston, we are committed to providing an excellent and personalised service, whatever your needs. As a result, we have become Preston’s leading colonic irrigation experts.

Unhealthy lifestyles

When many of us work 40+ hours a week in stressful and demanding jobs, it is no surprise that our diet suffers. As a nation, we rarely eat the fibre and nutrients that we need to keep our whole bodies healthy, including our bowels.

But it’s not only our diet that is to blame, it’s also our sedentary lifestyle choices.

As a result, many of us suffer from negative effects with our digestion and bowels.

Why have a colonic?

There are many reasons people opt for colonic irrigation. These include:

  • help with the symptoms of IBS bloating and constipation
  • to kick start a new diet or to continue healthy living
  • to feel more energised, less sluggish and less full of toxic waste.
  • How can colonic irrigation help?

By aiding your body and promoting natural and healthy bowel functions, colonic hydrotherapy can provide solutions to many bowel problems. This is because of the gentle action of the water which both soothes inflamed nerves and muscle, and stimulates them.

In addition, the massages associated with colonic hydrotherapy can actually reach the entirety of the large intestine. This means that unlike any other treatment, including an enema, all of your bowels can feel the benefit.

In summary

Colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy is useful for all of us. From our typically unhealthy diets, stressful lives, and sedentary lifestyles, there are many reasons to have a colonic. Colonic irrigation can help promote natural movements within the bowel and keep your colon healthy.